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My 30 things before 30. Dreams, Goals, and Aspiration

written by Faustine 17 avril 2019

Yesterday I was thinking about everything I achieved so far in my professional life and my personal life. To be honest, I am very happy with everything, but, as it’s never enough for me, I also thought about all the things I want and dream to achieve in the next few years.
I thought it would be a great idea to share this list with you and maybe it can inspire you to do the same…

1-    Complete and publish my Ebook in English (I am French) on my blog. It is all about wellness, healthy foodie tips, recipes, lifestyle and self-care.

2-    Finish to write my book in French (recipes, nutrition, wellness, lifestyle and my life as a private chef) and maybe try to make it published.

3-    Learn how to properly use my camera

4-   Write more articles for Conde Nast’s magazines. And not only about nutrition and wellness but also extend to my other passion for travels.

5-  Spend more time with my parents and my sister Margaux. Being a private chef can be consuming.

6-   Go on another luxury solo trip in Asia to relax, switch off, focus and have massages every day, eat an abundance of fresh exotic fruits and take care of myself.

7-    Travel three weeks in Sri Lanka

8-    Go back for the third time to Japan

9-    Go to Les Maldives

10-   Go to Cuba

11-  Continue to be consistent with my training. Do more weight training to increase my metabolism and muscles mass.

12-    Learn how to surf

13-    Buy a luxury handbag from my favourite brand Dior

14-   Bring my blog to the next level and be more consistent with it.

15-    Spend a long weekend in Greece (Santorini)

16-    Do a four hands dinner pop up with another chef in France

17-    Eat in another fancy Japanese restaurant

18-    Eat a large size ice-cream : vanilla + baccio (halzenut and milk chocolate) + dark chocolate sorbet + pana montana (chantilly) from my favorite one in Paris : GROM 

19-    Invest in a few pieces of furniture for my flat in London

20-    Spend 10 days in Paris to see all my friends and spend time with/for them

21-    Improve my culinary skills again and again

22-    Treat meyself with few luxury clothes and shoes

23-    Invest in a good bed and mattress

24-    Spend more time with Alexandria

25-    Find my « home » either in Paris, London, NYC or .. who knows?

26-    Plan an epic birthday party for my 30 with all my friends

27-    Learn how to drive

28-    Do more yoga and relaxing exercises and not just weight training and cardio

29-    Go to a concert

30-    Overcome one fear


With love, 


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