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I truly believe that food is the best medicine and the best way to bring happiness and positivity to our lives. Food has power, the power to nourish, fuel, comfort, connect and heal. With me, it is about creating healthy habits and inspirations, not restrictions. I also think that the secret is in knowing your body, what it needs to feel 100% you.  Food must be enjoyed and appreciated. Balance is the key and remembers that there is not just one definition of being « healthy ».

You have to find your own definition and I want to help you in that lovely and hectic journey. Be aware and don’t beat yourself up. An unrestricted and gentle approach to food is your best strategy for making healthy a real lifestyleWe are all shaped differently and beautifully. We are not supposed to look the same. Don’t make too many plans and trust the magic of life. Don’t count calories, grams of carbs or fats.
Be curious, explore, taste, cook, share and learn to love all the foods without blaming any of them. All of them will bring you to your masterpiece. 
Happiness is the spiritual experience of choosing to live each moment with love, gratitude, and grace. Be grateful for each moment that has shaped you. It may not make sense now but it will in the near future. Let the puzzle pieces of your life come together to create a beautiful masterpiece.

With love and light,