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What is Beauty?

written by Faustine 30 septembre 2021

What is Beauty?

Beauty is the harmony that transports us to a place where, for only seconds, time stops. Beauty can be everywhere and that’s why it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and make our imagination fly. It’s the motor of dreams and higher achievements. Beauty is a charm to emotions and a song for a feeling. Beauty inspires us. It’s a muse that keeps us striving to do better to find that plenitude of a peaceful mind, a pleasant smile.

And, Beauty, even for a second, warms hearts, comforts, calms and add light to details. Beauty is that mysterious positive energy that has the power to express individuality, in all forms: Science, Arts, Nature, words.. It’s the slow motions of our hearts.  Beauty allows us to see the extraordinary richness of our surroundings. All simplified. All redefined.

Be you. Be beautiful.


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