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GLOW NOTES : 2020 Favorites Serums

written by Faustine 6 décembre 2020

Products I love in 2020. Let’s talk about « skip-care »

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As the largest organ in the body, our skin requires special nourishment, essential for skin health, which is our North Star when it comes to health. We can read our internal health just by looking at our complexion. A fascinating map to understand the journey of our lives, right?
More than just being a Chef, you know how much I am passionate about internal health and the intersection between what we eat, the powers of ingredients, and our complexions. I truly believe that food is our best tool to sparkle our life with joy, positivity, kindness, and glow. A little bit of good sense and you will master the combination of tastes. Trust me, it’s the best game ever. You just have to play with colors, textures, and tastes. I believe in the powers of natural ingredients and not in diets. The more food you eat, the more wonderful and healthy you will be. It’s only a matter of choices. Essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and proteins are all working in tandem to ensure the skin is functioning at its optimum healthful glow. One rule: eat smart.
The right nourishment will improve the health and the vitality of your complexion. Our skin is constantly changing and many factors can impact negatively their natural radiance and natural beauty. We all know them: stress, pore digestion, fatigue, dehydration, and even hormonal imbalance, which seems a little bit general but we all experience it.

When it comes to skincare, my best advice would be to apply a “skip-care” routine and focus on powerful products that target what your skin needs now.
If there is one lesson that has been forced upon us in 2020 is that it is ok to do less. I always thought that time out was a synonym of laziness and felt guilty to lay down for 5 minutes or not have a productive day. But well, 2020 was intense in a way for me, but at the same time, 2020 gives me the chance to take time for me and rest. As you might know, I work as a Private Chef and it can be demanding. But I don’t complain. I love my job and especially my clients. Never been so grateful to have their trust. Well, that’s another topic.

So, back to the skincare situation, I would suggest following a “skip-care” routine to make sure you are following it religiously. We don’t need a « 10 steps » skincare routine. No need to cocktailing 5 serums to target everything, to add drops of oil into your eye cream, to layer face masks, or to triple exfoliate with bicarbonate Soda your skin and add a flower toner following by a green tea mist to be radiant. Seriously. I do not have time for this all the time, even though I love my morning and evening “self-care” routine. Everything has to be quick but efficient. Focus on formulas and the philosophy behind them and make changes when your skin needs something different.

This year, I loved those brands and use them regarding the needs of my skin.

Furtuna Skin:
This is the serum I am currently using for a month now and adore it. It feels like drinking a superhero smoothie packed with all the best vitamins, all nourished by a radiant sun, warm wind, and fresh and pure air. I adore the smell, the feeling of it on my skin, and the beautiful shape of the bottle. The philosophy behind this product matches perfectly with everything I believe in. It’s all about the respect of knowledge and the power of artisans. I also probably adore the fact that everything is made in Italy. It gives it a touch of “Oh La La”, an exclusive Mother Earth’s kiss that sparkle our face with a Dolce Vità glow.
This serum is perfect for dehydrated skins, helps the natural production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that act wonderfully to plump skin.


Vintner’s Daughter:
A kiss for your skin. Everything is so lovely with this serum. The smell and the feeling of it on the skin are both divines. I especially adore the fact that all the ingredients are fermented, which boosts the efficacity of it. I use it 3 to 4 times per day when I stay home and need deep hydration as this botanical serum helps to stimulate collagen, maintain elasticity. The more I used it, the more my skin drinks it and cherish it. A must. I only have a few drops left and will have to purchase it again for the cold of January and February.


Royal Fern:
As a Chef with a busy life, long hours at work, lack of sleep, stress and surrounded by the heat and steams of my culinary routine in a kitchen, my skin is exposed to extreme conditions. Seriously. Not a full Glam life at all but I love it. So, that’s also why I became more aware, years ago, of what I apply to my skin. This serum is wonderful when I work as it’s a breath of nature that sparkles all over my face. It strengthens and protects my dull and devitalized skin from all those environmental factors. It’s like a venture into the forest for my skin. It’s refreshing, hydrating and it helps to regenerate the skin. Absolute Fan!


Bio Effect :
Bio effect is wonderful before the heat of the summer or the cold of winter as it’s deeply nourishing and hydrates the skin while promoting cell turnover and increase the thickness of the skin. So, your skin, before the temperatures change is fully ready to fight against the potential damage of the environment.
I adore the simplicity of the product. It’s simple and effective. The mains ingredients are growth factor EGF, hyaluronic acid, and Icelandic water. Impressed. I adore the philosophy f the brand and their discretion. If you know, you know…



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