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Glow Notes : Skincare September 2020

written by Faustine 9 septembre 2020

I just want to address a quick note on my skincare routine this September 2020. Without being a skincare specialist, I just adore taking time to learn more about beauty and all the ingredients that are used to create powerful skincare products. 

I have to say, that on my wish list I have few brands that I would love to try very soon (Vintner’s Daughter, Biologique recherche, Augustinus Bader…) but at the moment I am very happy to start this fall with Bio Effect which has been a favorite since 2019 and Royal Fern, that I am very happy to try. 

Just as we’ve become more conscious about our diet and what we consume, skincare is a natural extension of that. Our skin absorbs whatever you put on it into your bloodstream, so I follow the same philosophy for skincare as I would with my diet. I do not follow any fad diet and make sure to enjoy the food I eat every day either if it’s a delicious nourishing salad or something more traditional and « heavy » in a way. I am sure you all understand what I am saying. Without being a skincare expert, I love to invest in quality skincare products that are respectful of my skin and the planet. 

So, I make sure that the ingredients are well-sourced with powerful ingredients and formulas. Make sure that the brands remain consistent over time: transparency, efficacy, and natural. I always like to look for words with copyright or patent-protected symbol or formula. 

I like to have an open mind when it comes to skincare but, I will never buy products that are expensive and which harmful ingredients. I make sure to avoid as much as I can: Parabens, Ethoxylated compounds, Methylisothiazolinone, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate, Aluminum,

Phthalates, Mineral oil…

Don’t hesitate to share some of your favorite brands. 


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