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Create Your Magic And Live Your Dreams : My Favorites Tips And Hacks

written by Faustine 26 août 2019

« Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you are waiting »
Joyce Meyer

Everything happens for a reason. 

Always find the bright side of anything and you can find something wonderful in every situation.
Take every hurdle and obstacle as a lesson and accept that every day teaches you something.
Move on, grow from all your experiences.

Stop tracking everything

Stop tracking everything and over thinking. Stop to try to control everything. Follow the flow of your heart, trust your mind, be a free spirit and act regarding the present situation.
Enjoy your life now, experience as much as you can and be happy with all the glory of your positive mind ! 

Keep your inner circle small

Do not try to be friends with everyone and just be friendly. Narrow down your circle of friends so that is only your ride or die people that get all your attention. Don’t waste time to please everyone and know the ones who truly support you no matter what and the ones who give you all their love and trust. A friendship should nourish you and lift you. 

Be the energy you want to attract
Be you. Trust your dreams and work for it. Do not let people think for you. Be the energy you want to attract. 

How someone treats you is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves

To understand this topic, I would highly recommend you to read «The Four agreements »

Get active, stand up, stretch and walk around.

Gym is not only for bodybuilders, calories freaks or whatever. Be active for your mindset. Make it a habit. Be curious. Have fun moving your body in the way that feels good for you, no matter if you love the cross fit, weight training, yoga, home workouts, power walk…

Cook inside your soul those endorphins which are the magic ingredients which lead you to build your dream thanks to a powerful mindset and happy energy!

Accept people for who they are

Your vision of life is only yours and everybody has their vision. You do not have all the answers and let people live their lives the way they want. If you want someone in your life, focus on being supportive and accept the differences. Advises for your friends are great and always more than welcome, but focus on them and don’t try to transform them.

Social Media should not be a goal

We all know that right? So why are we not stopping scrolling and scorlling?
Social media is wonderful in a way as it can develop creativity and give lots of inspirations for travels, food, recipes, decoration, photos… be it can also be super toxic and create anxiety and low self-love. Don’t wait for a like, comment and don’t grow your business on Instagram because if this platform disappears one day, nobody will try to find you. Do not compare yourself, don’t try to be someone and don’t try to please everyone. You are enough and beautiful the way you are.
Focus on your passion and use Instagram for fun! But you already know it.

Be curious and creative

Do you have a job? That’s great. But don’t stop there even if your job is your passion. Be curious and be creative. Try to generate others skills and passion like running, surfing, do some yoga, try photography, learn to bake or cook, buy some colors and draw something, dance, do some gardening, travel…

Take care of yourself before you have to.

Choose to eat healthy to feel good, happy, energize with a positive mindset. Healthy eating not only transform your health but also your mental health, your mindset and your perspective about life. Don’t be afraid to go to the gym and find your jam. There is so many ways to exercise.
Be kind with your body and trust your feelings.
Apply cream to nourish your skin, have a massage, a manicure… treat yourself.
Do what feels good for your soul !

Read labels

It’s not because something comes from a health shop and says it’s organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and whatever that means it’s healthy. Read the list of ingredients and if it’s too complicated for you put it back! Don’t be the perfect marketing target, it’s a trap! Think twice before you buy something and honestly, do you need that?
Remember that the health industry is the new trend and is a billion dollar/euros/… business.

Eat intuitively

Of course, you have to focus on fresh, whole and natural ingredients with some clean meat (if you feel it) but don’t diet. You are not a ninja, your body will not be happy if you skip meals, carbs or fats, if you exercise too much and get stuck in a tricky mindset. You will create your isolation and be anxious all the time.
And it’s not because someone eats something that you also have to eat it. If you love sashimi don’t be vegan. If you love your poached eggs and avo in the morning why would you swap it for porridge?
Eat healthy 85% of the time and indulge 15% of the other. Focus on a healthy treat if you can like raw chocolate instead of processed chocolate but… just try but if you can that’s fine. Listen to what your body is craving and needs. Listen to your hunger signals and eat when you want and not just because your colleagues want to eat his sandwich! There are no hours. Choose yours. You don’t have to eat at 1 pm if you are nor hungry. You will be later… 

Create your energy

If you dream about doing/having something put it in your mind, manifest it and it will happens. I know it can sound crazy but to build the life of your dreams, create a vision board. Add on it all the magazine pictures you love and write the words that make you feel good. Write the specific things you want to achieve in your life and you will achieve them. 

An example: I always wanted to be free and despite my passion for cuisine and for being a chef, I always knew that I did not want to spend my life stuck in a kitchen between 8 am and 11 pm with a two-hour break in between doing nothing. 

Life allows me to be a private chef. Then, I was dreaming to take care of celebrities… guess what’s happened? I know to take care and cook of the most popular persons out there.

Hope that helps .. 

With love and light


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