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Pomegranate Juice

written by Faustine 13 octobre 2020

The history of pomegranates is as rich as its flavor. During their 4000 year history, pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, hope, and abundance in every part of the world. They have a mysterious beauty and its flavor contains a radiant feminine elegance.
Pomegranate is a symbol of hope and eternal life because of its abundance of seeds. Pomegranate is native from a region to Iran to Northern India.

Pomegranate Season always makes me so happy to illuminate my day thanks to its taste, so unique.

The phenols that pomegranates contain accelerate skin cell metabolism. The flavonoids and phenols contained in it are natural antioxidants, which can prevent the generation of free radicals in the body and prevent the free radicals from damaging human cells which cause aging.
The antioxidants in pomegranate seeds slow down the aging process because they prevent free radicals from damaging and deteriorating tissue such as your skin. The relatively high vitamin-C content in pomegranate is also useful for maintaining a youthful appearance because it’s needed to make the elastic-like compound in the skin called collagen. Healthy collagen production and repair deters the formation of wrinkles and saggy skin.

My favorite skin Boosting Pomegranate Juice :

  • 2 raw organic beetroots
  • The seeds of one large pomegranate
  • 3 limes
  • 150g organic ginger (approximately)
  • 100g organic dark grapes
  • 1 organic celery

With Love 


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