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Intuitive Eating : Why you should stop counting calories

written by Faustine 29 janvier 2019

Eat Better, Not Less ! 

In the media, there’s always hearsay about eating this way or that. It’s ever-changing and ultra-confusing, especially if you are trying to follow along with the latest hype. So, I just want to say that the only rule you should follow is to trust your inner instinct and do what’s make you feel good, happy and positive. Health comes first. Especially if you have many dreams to achieve…

Years ago when I began my ‘healthy journey’ (I was 14), I was consumed by the concept of tracking my macros and calorie counting and I viewed food as a breakdown of macronutrients.
To me, it wasn’t a banana… it was a yellow piece of carbs, sugar, fiber, potassium and vitamin A.
Food was constantly on my mind and I felt guilty if I didn’t eat only the « good » foods.
This obsession started to be a real passion and I wanted to learn everything about the products. Either their nutritional aspects or their history and culture. I started to learn everything about nutrition, metabolism, and everything which was related to health. I was only 15.
But the truth is that I was not just passionate about healthy foods and nutrition but more about Gastronomy. I found it fascinating to understand the world not by the economic or political point of view but the way people cook, cultivate and eat. Plus, as a real Frenchy, I was a real foodie. I remember spending hours reading Michelin Stars Chefs books, watching a documentary or testing a restaurant with my father. I always knew that I wanted to be a Chef. I think I said that to my parents and was only 9 years old. I was fascinated with foods and I love that a simple meal can give so much joy, peace, happiness, and kindness at the same time. I was a real gourmande ! 

Fast forward a few years and I’ve never felt so balanced, content and proud of the way I eat. I know it takes practice, but the ability to listen to my body, remove the relationship between food and guilt, and truly enjoy eating real, whole foods is life changing!! If you haven’t realized by now, I could literally talk about this topic forever. It is something I am so passionate about with my job as a chef and food geographer!

So, don’t put labels on macro-nutrients and remember that :

  • Healthy fats are the magic ingredients which give so much happiness and flavors to any recipe/ meal and they are the key to balance your hormones, make your skin nourished, glowing and clear.
  • Proteins will allow you to live a long life with a powerful and strong body!
  • Carbs are the main ingredient to give you all the energy and positivity you need to achieve your dreams!

Remember that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (and digest). Our cells are constantly regenerating. Beautiful food = beautiful cells! It’s time to nourish, respect and listen to our bodies. Eat real, wholesome, natural and fresh foods! Don’t over complicate it or become overwhelmed by numbers. Trust your intuition. Eat a rainbow collection of natural, whole foods and mix it up daily to ensure you’re getting a range of micronutrients in your diet.
Eat well but not strict, 80% wholesome 20% soul foods. Eat what’s feel good for you to find our balance.

This is something I literally live by. I’m all about eating the foods that make me FEEL GOOD. Don’t mistake health  for ⁣

➡️DIETS⁣ (vegan, low carbs, low fats, paleo, Atkins or whatever..) 

➡️MACRO COUNTING⁣ ( don’t blame any of them.. it’s not fair and not super scientific !) 


⁣Because at the end of the day, they will only give you short term results and an unhealthy relationship with food. ⁣I know, diets are so tempting and easy to follow, it’s the best way to create a comfort zone… but you will not create a long life Health! 

With love and light, 


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