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Be Body Positive & Imperfectly imperfect

written by Faustine 26 août 2019

Listen to your body, even though it’s hard because there is so much to distract us every day. When you pay attention to the way food makes you feel, you can learn a lot about what your body really needs and achieve a free mindset regarding the food rules and fad diets.

I know how confusing it can be to navigate the numerous conflicting and ever-changing health and nutrition philosophies that are out there. Everybody now preaches something, even if they are not a doctor, nutritionist or a medical specialist. Nowadays, people called themselves « medium » or sometimes just because they have many followers on social media that they feel superior and able to influence others about their rules. And, of course, we tend to take everything they say for granted.

Nourishing yourself with food should be a source of joy, not a source of anxiety. We need to change our mindset and start to breathe, but really. Nobody asks you to be vegan, stick to a paleo diet, avoid sugars, eat only fats, do intermittent fasting, drink celery juice every day or whatever. Every year and every day you will hear something different. Nourish yourself is very confusing and we can have a guilty feeling every time we put a bite in our mouth. Well, it does not have to be so complicated at all. There is no truth, no answer, no magic diet, no superfoods powders. The only thing you have to trust in our inner voice in order to be happy and healthy.

It’s very important to not put too much pressure on yourself. Our personal choices taste and preferences in our unique diet, and it’s changing all the time. It’s a personal journey and it’s about being sustainable and maintenance.

Don’t be so ash on yourself. Do what’s your body ask and what feels good for you. We all have different needs and we are all shaped differently and beautifully: we are not supposed to look the same.

You are the biggest project that you will ever have to work on so don’t start by destroying it. Your future should not be imposed by a page of a magazine.

« Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it »
Lou Holtz

My favorite things to remember when I feel guilty for some extra bites:

– Weight is a measurement, not a problem, a judgment or whatever.

– It’s just a number.

– Forget about calculus and start to be more poetic.

– Fix your inner dialogue and do not try to fix your body.

– Don’t try to control portion size but eat until you are satisfied.

– Don’t avoid food but add nutritious foods, don’t watch your weight but practice self-compassion, don’t reduce your hunger but feed it.

– We are just more than our body or a number.

– Every time you weight yourself, tell you what’s this number allows you to do in life.

Hope that helps .. 

With love and light 


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