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GLOW NOTES : The Importance Of Having a Routine

written by Faustine 19 janvier 2020

Routine is something I crave. I can’t deny it, I am a creature of habits.
I adore going to the gym every morning, have my healthy-nourishing-fulfilling breakfast, drink my green or beetroot juice before lunch, have my morning coffee while I am answering all my emails, eat an apple with herbal tea before bed…well, the list can go on and on.
If I love routine and jam-packed schedule I also need chill time, travels and adventures. They are the main motivation in my life and they usually are my main inspirations. I have tones of notes for all the travels I want to do, so much itineraries already planned or so many ideas for projects, life, home decoration etc… So much! I find the « unknown » fascinating and I love to grow with them. That’s probably why I chose to be a Culinary Geographer on top of being a Chef. Explore to create and create to grow.
Anyway, let’s go back to the « routine thing ».

With my job, I learned to embrace the fear of the unknown but I also learned everything about timing, routine and details. Being a private chef is the best thing that happened to me so far in my professional life and I am grateful to have the trust of all my clients. I was not expecting such a big gift… but I guess, I worked hard for it. Being a Chef taught me everything about routine. I always loved it but, I guess, I become more precise about everything and learn that, in one minute, you can do a lot. Yes, trust me. One minute in a « mise en place » for a chef is a lot, even though chefs are a little bit crazy… I know.. I am one of them 🙂

I remember, a few years ago, I was dealing with lots of daily stress due to my demanding job because of all the things I wanted to achieve during the day or the week, either professional or personal.
I started to write down everything and add each thing on my schedule.
Routine starts to help me with this stress. So, my best advice if you have lots of dreams, lots of desires and projects is to create a set schedule for doing chores, work tasks, meetings, exercise, paying bills, meal plan, smoothie plans, daily walk, cooking time, play with kids, go to the museum… all the usual things you need to do and you want to do. Put these into your schedule. When things are written down we do it. That’s a fact. That’s probably why I love to make a « vision board » every year. I keep things in my mind but, to have them in front of you daily makes you achieve them faster and without any doubts.
The key benefit of routine for creative people is its regularity: if you find what works for you and then turn it into a process that requires zero thought, you free your mind for other things and your projects/life keep growing.

Here’s another crucial bonus: routines allow you to carve out time to pursue your passion every single day. Once it’s a routine, there’s no more wriggling out because you’re too tired. Daily practice is a game-changer for creativity. Among other things, it keeps projects constantly percolating in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is so powerful and here to help us to reach better decisions than active thoughts.

Write down things, plan, schedule, be realistic or organize and start now. It’s a life-changing to achieve your dreams and dream more.

Any questions ? Don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment…


With Love 



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