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GLOW NOTES : What is beautiful ?

written by Faustine 26 août 2019

There is hardly a way to end a discussion about Beauty. We think we see it but we feel it, rather. Talking about what we feel makes us grow and get closer to others in a genuine way. 

Beauty is the weightless feeling I get when remembering that life is a magnificent journey. A journey in which I have the choice and power to embrace or contest the inevitable instances that will be presented along the way.

Beauty is sun peeking through morning mist, a warm smile and genuine laughter, the journey that is life, a striped pink sunset, a beautiful design bag, lightening storms, new adventures and taking risks, stillness, a Cartier ring and a piece of fresh watermelon, honesty beauty can be found in a velvety creamy vanilla ice cream, ancient indian textiles, roads to nowhere, and the way to go home, handcrafted anything, and modern prints.  Integrity is beautiful. Perfect beauty or unperfected legs is beautiful too.
Beauty is the Unexpected. Beauty talks to your heart before reaching your consciousness.
If you’re not suprised, it is more about « perfection », or « achievement ».
Beauty is everywhere. But Beauty is not easy and has its dark side as well. Beauty is a comet, a galaxy and a black hole.


With Love and Light



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